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Why 5G network is taking over 4G? – Tech

Now, we have 5G network, we all  went  through various technology so far and among them 2G, 3G and 4G have become popular. We used to have 2G network so fast and effecient at those time because technology was such. But now technology has advanced, due to technological advancements 2G, 3G and 4G is not enough. The world now is leading towards 5G technology.

Actually, what is 5G technology and why do we need it? 

It is called 5th generation mobile network. 5G network enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

5G technology is supposed to give high speed bandwith with low latency, more reliability, more secure, and have high network capacity with increased availability.

Who invented 5G network?

There is no specific answer for this. There is no speific person or company to invent 5G but there are there are various companies in an ecosystem who are providing enough support to bring 5G in the network.

The first nation to adopt on a large scale was South Korea, in April 2019, at which point there were some 224 operators in 88 countries around the world investing in the technology.

How 5G differentiate with previous generations?

In 1980’s 1G was invented and lauched for analog devices. Similarly In 1990 the 2G network was introduced which gave services in digital signals.

And than, 3G was launched in early 2000’s which started mobile data. It was a revolutionary thing that was invented at that time, which soon become popular in public. After 2010’s 4G has been taking place making the world of internet and speed. so. now launch of 5G networks will be the start of new era of mobile network. 5G is a unified, more capable air interface. It has been designed with an extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences, empower new deployment models and deliver new services.

Where is 5G used?

5G’s are mainly used in three sectors.

Mobile Broadband: Defining the faster and reliable technology 5G is broadly implemented in mobile boradband making smartphones better where we can use VR and AR technology faster and uniform rate.

Critical Communication Channels: 5G can enable new services that can transform industries with ultra-reliable, available, low-latency links like remote control of critical infrastructure, vehicles, and medical procedures etc.

IoT: Internet of Things is the wide range of devices connected wit each other virtually providing seamless feature and functionality with low cost with great features.

What 5G is capable of?

5G is much more than high speed, secure, low latency mobile network. It provides new opportunities, enabling us to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reach across society. 

Just imagine millions and billions of people are connected to each other to improve safety and sustanability to create advance society. Imagine advancment in production industries producing in effecient way without lagging and to meed the demand and supply. Imagine delevering sensory touch and feeling through VR, AR and XR devices? 

Apparently, there are numbers of field where 5G can be helpful for sustainable development of the world if only we use in correct way. 

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