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Google updated its OS to Android 13 – Whats new?

Google has just updated its operating system to its new OS Android 13. After the success of Android 12, Google brought this significant change in OS. It literally does have some good changes that will bring a great user experience. so let’s start with our regular segment Best & Messed.


Best about Android 13

  • Wide range of colors to choose.
  • Notification Opt-in
  • Media Player redesigned.
  • Language setting per application.


Messed about Android 13

  •  No that big updates as expected

Google says this OS is mainly built for

  • Privacy with a photo picker and notification permission.
  • Productivity advancements on apps, languages, and clipboard preview.
  • Making standard for Bluetooth LE Audio and replacing USB with MIDI.
  • Also focusing on larger screen sizes like tablets.


What are its features?

  • Themed app icons for coloring of the user’s chosen wallpaper and other themes.
  • Per-app language preferences for multilingual users set their system language to one language for example German, Finish, Nepali, etc.
  • Library updates for Unicode system.
  • Color vector fonts for a highly compact font format that renders quickly and crisply at any size.
  • Clipboard preview for copying the text for future use.


What are the behavioral changes?

Behavioral changes mean the change that will bring changes to the app in the system. Google says they have brought their changes to implement to the system ad will affect the app on the phone.

  • Battery Resource Utilization for better management of the battery in the phone.
  • Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager to notify the apps that are running on the background and to stop and increase the performance of the overall phone.
  • High Priority Firebase Cloud Message (FCM) Quotas to deliver the high priority messages to the users.
  • Privacy – Runtime Permission for notification and hidden sensitive clipboard information – for eg. password.

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