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Why Apple M1 MacBook Air is better than M2? – Apple

Apple’s MacBook Air with M2 processor was released in 15th of July 2022. Apple anticipated M2 MacBook Air  will be one of the product after M1 MacBook Air that users are looking for all these years. It was getting good response from all the reviewers and tech experts but it is the time of facing the truth. It doesn’t seems like M2 is taking a hype, instead it is seen that users are more interested on M1. 

So, why users are tilting towards the  M1 again although they have brilliant upgraded M2 MacBook Air in the market. Lets have look on this.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

M2 and M1 both of the processors has got SSD features and both are available in 256GB space which also can be added further  up to 2TB.

It also seemed like these is an upgrade in M2 MacBook Air with M2 chip and 8-core GPU but the result came different leading to users and tech experts give critique on this laptop. And also apple said that the performance on graphics will be 18% higher than M1 but it was only implemented on the higher end models.

On top of that, it it did include single NAND chip instead of having two flash chips like MacBook Air -M1.


It is also noticed that M2 looked a bit thicker than M1 although the weight is less than M1. M2 was released with larger 13.6 inch display with thinner bezels  and brighter display with 100 nits more than M1. But with the notch on the screens like on iPhones has made many users to dislike these models.



So, why should people spend $400 more just for something which is similar and not as expected. In fact users have got no idea what is the reason for costing $400 more than M1.  The previous M1 MacBook Air costs around AU$1499 and the new M2 costs around AU$1899.

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