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Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch 8 Ultra: Whats New ?

Apple Watch 8 Series was revealed on 7th September. Apple Inc introduced this watch in their Far Out Event. Furthermore, this watch was released alongside iPhone 14.

This smartwatch, along with a temperature sensor, might be the first Pro version for extreme sports. Along with the Apple Watch 8, the company also launched Apple Watch Ultra.

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Both watches are now available for pre-order. These two series of smartwatches vary from each other in various aspects. Some of their varied aspects include design, features, battery life, and Price.

Apple Watch 8 vs. Apple Watch Ultra

ParticularsApple Watch 8Apple Watch Ultra 
Starting Price$399$799
MaterialsAlmunium, Stainless SteelTitanium
Cellular$100 premium (optional)Yes
Always on DisplayYes (1000 nits)Yes (2000 nits)
Sizes41 mm, 45mm49 mm
Water Resistance50 meters100 meters
Safety FeaturesEmergency SOS, fall detection, crash detection compass backtrackEmergency SOS, fall detection, crash detection compass backtrack, 86 decibel siren
ConnectivityNFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS(L1)NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS(L1+L5)
Health SensorsTemperature sensing, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygenTemperature sensing, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen
Battery Life18 hours normal (36 hours with low power mode)36 hours normal(60 hours with low power mode)
  • Price: The differences between these two smartwatches start from their Price. Apple Watch 8 starts at $399 without Cellular Connectivity and charges an extra $100 for the connection. On the other hand, Apple Watch Ultra starts at $799 with one configuration with Cellular support.
  • Design: Another field of difference between these smartwatches is their design. They are starting with the 49 mm Titanium case featured in the Apple Watch Ultra. Likewise, Apple Watch 8 comes in 41mm and 45 mm sizes. Furthermore, Apple Watch 8 has a soft curve, whereas Apple Watch Ultra has a flat display.
  • Features: These watches run watchOS9 and have the new skin temperature sensor, new crash detection emergency function, and so on.

Likewise, these items also have the redesigned compass app letting you save waypoints and retrace your steps with its trackback features.

On the contrary, Apple Watch Ultra has the latest GPS protocol (L5), helping you with the most accurate location data compared to any other Apple Watches, including Apple Watch 8.

apple watch 8
Apple Watch 8 designs revealed by Apple
Image Source: Apple

Likewise, it also includes a new siren app that leverages the speaker to ring an 86-decibel alarm that can be heard from 180 meters away.

Moreover, Apple Watch Ultra is waterproof up to 100 meters, twice the depth of the Apple Watch 8. Further, the Ultra version can automatically measure a dive below 3 feet.

  • Battery Life: Speaking of battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of up to 36 hours which is exactly double that of the Apple Watch 8’s 18 hours of battery life in normal use.

It also supports the new low power mode, which disables battery-draining features like always on display and automatic workout tracking.

With these low power mode features, Apple Watch Ultra can function for up to 60 hours, whereas Apple Watch 8 only lasts 36 hours.

Apple Watch 8 Vs. Apple Watch 7 

Apple Watch 8 was recently launched by Apple in the market. It is quite different and offers more features than Apple Watch 7.

Major updates in the Apple Watch 8 include a skin temperature sensor and a crash detection feature. Furthermore, these two items are also different in various aspects such as design, features, etc.

  • Design: Apple Watch 7 had a more noticeable change in its design than the Apple Watch 4 and 6. It was slightly curvier than its predecessors. The same trend has been followed by the Apple Watch 8.

However, we can see a massive difference in the color selection of the Apple Watch 8 than that of the 7.

The recently launched Apple Watch 8 features unique colors like Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product Red. However, red and green are no longer in the interest of the Apple Watch 8.

  • Features: Minor updates in the elements can be seen in Apple Watch 8 than in the Apple Watch 7. Starting with the battery life. The Apple Watch 8 has way more battery life and a low-power mode feature than the Apple Watch 7.

Likewise, another significant change is its crash detection. Apple has two new motion sensors inside the Apple Watch 8. Furthermore, this watch also has two updated gyroscopes and accelerometers.

With these two features, it can sample motion four times faster. With this feature added, it can detect a car crash instantly.


Both Apple Watch 8 and Ultra are now available for pre-booking. Apple Inc recently launched these items on 7th September 2022.

People can get their brand new Apple Watch 8 for just in $399, which is equal to the Price of the Apple Watch 7. Even though Apple Watch 7 was launched way before 8, it still has the same Price as 8.

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So among these two items, I suggest everyone buy the new Apple Watch 8 than 7. One can get some extra features and more battery life at the same Price.

However, compared with the Apple Watch Ultra, which was released along with Apple Watch 8, I suggest people buy the Ultra series.

By paying just $300 more, people can get double battery life, extra features such as configuration with Cellular support, the latest GPS protocol (L5), and a new siren app that leverages the speaker to ring an 86-decibel alarm that can be heard from 180 meters away.


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