Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Are you ready for Galaxy Watch 5? – Leaks & Rumors

Samsung Galaxy watch 5 is expected to be released on August. It has been expected that it will come with couple of major upgrades which will also come with a higher price tag.

So, what are the major upgrades rumours? 

There are rumours that Series 5 might come in 3 different sizes. Galaxy Watch Series 5 having two sizes i.e. 40mm and 44mm whereas Galaxy Watch Series 5 Pro is expected to come in 46mm. It’s likely that current Galaxy Classic could be overshadowed by the upcoming Galaxy Pro.

What the expected features that are expected to come? 

Let’s talk about the expected features and what to expect from the upcoming new models, it can be certainly said  that it will come with handful of health features. Both models will come equipped with ECG sensors, Heart rate monitor, a body composition sensor, Spo2 measurement last but not the least skin temperature.

Color options available on 40mm version are Sapphire, Silver and Pink Gold, likewise color options available on 44mm version are Sapphire, Silver and Graphite, whereas Black and Grey Titanium are the color options available for 46mm.

Unfortunately, there are leaks that the Samsung watch 5 models are getting rid of the physical rotating bezel which has set apart the Samsung Watch from rest of the smart watches available on the market.

What  about battery life?

 It is also said in rumor that Samsung Galaxy 5  will be using a 572mph battery which hopefully would alleviate the poor battery life faced by Samsung Galaxy 4 users.

so, it us still uncertain that what type of Samsung Watch 5 gonna be coz it is not yet officicial. so, it will be too early to guess. 

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