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Why Avatar 2 is going be a master piece? – Tech

Avatar 2 is the sequel to the 2009 box-office hit Avatar. It goes by the name Avatar: The Way of Water and is directed by James Cameron. It is the first movie out of the four planned sequels to Avatar.

The two-movie sequel to Avatar was initially confirmed after the first film’s success but this number was expanded to four for some reason. The fans are going nuts and the buzz is also amazing as the movie’s release date is coming near and near.

Avatar 2
Advanced CGI is used in movie making of Avatar 2

Today in this article we will dive deeper into the 2009 Avatar movie sequel, The Way of Water. We will discuss things about the technology used in it and the keynote about why it took 13 years to be back at the theaters.

As of now, Avatar: The Way of Water is getting a very good response as the journalists who have already watched the movie has been saying that the movie is even better than the first installment.

The work of James Cameroon’s direction is highlighted along with the top-notch performance of the actors.

Advanced CGI Process

The CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and the underwater technology for this movie will be even better than the first sequels. Since director James Cameroon is known for using new and advanced technology to enhance the movie experience.

Back in the time of 2009, Avatar was granted massive fame for using the Fusion Camera System to shoot a 3D movie. Moreover, Avatar 2 has deployed its new underwater motion capture that Cameron invented for the movie.

Underwater Technology and Motion Capture

The actors in the movie were submerged in a 900k-gallon water tank designed to mimic the ocean experience rather than suspending people from cables as in most of today’s movies.

This underwater technology is groundbreaking for the movie industry as at the current time more and more we are seeing the use of motion capture, green screen, and CG characters and environments to expand the stories.

However, the most difficult thing to simulate things is underwater as air simulation is very easy by suspending the actors in midair from cables.

Future of Science Fiction and Underwater Movies

Once, the underwater technology is mastered in Avatar 2, it can potentially be used in many more underwater movies like Aquaman, and Namor. Furthermore, it can open up a whole new world of underwater films that was never possible before now.

The motion capture and the simulated environment allow for much more controlled productions. They can create larger life characters just like Avatar.

Advanced technologies like this can completely remove the need of shooting on location but could lead the industry into using it more to remove the unpredictability from production.

Issues Faced During the Movie

With such strange filming, conditions comes a lot of stress as the cast has to work 70 hrs a week for half a year straight which can make serious burnout to the cast.

Directing the movie has to face a dangerous situation filming at the bottom of the pool as James Cameroon faced a near-death experience.

Major Changes From Avatar to Avatar: The Way of Water

James Cameroon has teased the possibility of showing the movie in glasses-free 3D along with the upcoming sequels.

But since the movie shooting is completed and the post-production is also done, he later disagreed that the technology is not right there at the moment.

However, the fans can experience the 3D model character with minute detail of reflection and simulation on the IMAX as it is the standard resolution and image quality unless if unavailable it is also meant to be seen in 3D.

Final Thoughts on Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water is the second installment of the James Cameroon Avatar series. It’s been a decade since we saw the last movie of James Cameroon so, we are very excited to see the new Avatar movie.

Judging by the looks of the trailer, Avatar: The Way of Water is very intimidating to watch. Fans worldwide must be waiting around for years as the movie was supposed to release on 17 December 2021 but due to the covid-19 pandemic, it was rescheduled for 16 December 2022.

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The first installment has earned a whopping amount of $2.923 billion at the box office and the same level of collection is expected from the second installment. Looking at the buzz around Avatar: The Way of Water, we fans believe it can top the box office collection of the previous movie and can achieve the new feet of $3 billion+ collection.

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