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AVATAR 2 : The Way of Water (2022) – Pre-release and trailer review

IMDB rating of Avatar: The Way Of Water: Coming Soon


Avatar 2: The Way Of Water is the most awaited movie since 2009 as an avatar has created an impact on people about the importance of natural resources which is also the biggest movie in film history.

Avatar 1 was popular due to its unique screenplay, its CGI effects, and its production design. We expect the same effort from the team with the changes from the movie which was made in 2009 and in 2022 which is Avatar – the way of water. It is dated to release on 15 December 2022.

The level of excitement and “can’t wait” vibes among the people has made us write something about the movie which is going to be released soon. We will be reviewing its trailer and try to compare its story, screenplay, production design, cast, and acting of the movie.

Before everything lets watch the trailer of the movie: Avatar 2 – the way of water.

Story and Screenplay

James Cameron director of Avatar part II had amazingly worked on the combination of science and nature.

Even though on one side science has provided immense development but along with the destruction of nature. It’s the process of life, you got to lose something to gain something.

Jake Sully and Neytiri conquered their homeland, defending the war with humans and their vast creations. In this part, Jake Sully and Neytiri have formed a family and still making their place among “The People”.

Avatar: The Way Of Water shows the attachment of JakeSully towards Pandora, where he was sent as an agent of a corporate mission but by the time he gets connected to the avatars. This story is beautifully presented with lots of effort from the directors, cast, and touchy dialogues.

Cast and Acting

Sam Worthington aka Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana aka Neytiri has really done amazing work which connected us to the whole war between human and avatar making us realize how important home is to every living creature.

Avatar has shown how Jake Sully put his spirit towards the mission of his twin brother despite being paraplegic. As he chooses to stay with the avatar replacing his past body and linking with an avatar.

In part II Jake Sully and Neytiri form a family, and also want to explore Pandora yet he faces difficulties relating to all of them and proving, he again got the war against humanity.

Stephen Lang who has worked as Colonel Quaritch boosts up as an army on a mission has strongly presented himself in the movie.

Production and Design

The trailer for Avatar II has been released which has brilliant visual improvements. All the improvements in CGI regarding creatures, water, flora, and fauna even also the small details like the shape structure of character which has got more realistic, detailed, and contrasting than previous.

Since Avatar II has come back after a long gap where technology has built up, we can see there are also maximum changes and clarity in Avatar II.

I was really impressed by Russell Carpenter’s cinematography, which has particularly made every scene fantastic and groundbreaking. Compared to the previous part lighting is also on point to emphasize each character’s detail.


Avatar: The Way Of Water is a science-fiction movie that has done an amazing job, where lots of people were amazed by the creative team.

Likewise first part the second part has also done an equal amount of brilliant work on visual effects and CGI. Every cast has made an exact effort to give a realistic touch to every character of Jake Sully, Neytiri, and Kiri.

A such movie where it’s all about the technology CGI and VFX to make them is really tough job to do. Part II has an increased focus on “relationship and emotion” compared to the first.

We would highly recommend going and watching the movie because likely to the first part, the second part will also meet our expectations and will be worth watching.

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