Changes In Twitter After Elon Musk Take Over

After months of drama and back-and-forth discussion in court, Elon Musk finally acquired Twitter at the end of October.

The Tesla CEO acquired this social media site for $44 billion. Since the acquisitions, Elon has taken some vital decisions in the company.

Starting with the dismissal of Parag Agrawal. Agrawal was the CEO of the company replacing the founder Jack Dorsey.

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Elon Musk became the owner and CEO of Twitter on October 27, 2022
Source: TechCrunch

Moreover, Musk fired 7,500 employees of Twitter including Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, legal affairs and policy chief Vijaya Gadde, and general counsel Sean Edgett.

Furthermore, Musk has been very vocal and expressive about the changes we are about to see on Twitter. The business tycoon has promised to promote free speech via Twitter.

Changes Happening on Twitter

As promised by Elon, we might be seeing several changes in Twitter in the coming days. However, the Tesla CEO has already started to implement those changes.

Some vital changes have been made in these social media platforms recently. These changes are listed down:


After this $44 billion deal, Twitter has now become a private company. With Musk holding the major rights of the company it is set to make some changes in the internet world.

Twitter will no longer have to comply with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Which means it won’t be responsible to any shareholders.

The same decision was taken by Michael Dell when he decided to make Dell private in 2013.

Blue Check Mark Verification

Recently, Musk announced that Twitter will charge $7.99 per month for the blue tick. Before the verification was free and users could apply for it after fulfilling certain requirements.

Since the change, I personally believe that this change will ensure reliable content by authentic people in the coming days.

The users can click on the verification checkmarks and see whether the tick is granted via Twitter Blue subscriptions or because the users are public figures.

New Team Formation

After the acquisition of Twitter, Musk is keen on making his own team who directly reports to him.

Well, he has done it successfully. The SpaceX founder appointed Yoel Roth who is a Twitter expert and currently handles the company’s trust and safety efforts.

Likewise, another name in Musk’s team includes Behnam Rezaei who is working as a senior director of engineering at Twitter since 2017. He now directly reports to Musk.

Furthermore, Twitter’s marketing and sales department is currently handled by Robin Wheeler. We wish all the best to this new team of Elon Musk.

Official Labels Verification

Last Wednesday, Twitter added grey official labels to high-profile accounts in order to show they are authentic. Coca-Cola, Nike, and Toronto Star were some of the accounts to receive this feature.

However, this feature was removed a few hours after the implementation. When asked about this incident, Musk replied that he has killed that feature.

Bringing in Tesla Employees

After the succession of Elon Musk as Twitter’s CEO, he has brought some qualified coders from Tesla to assist him. As of now, more than 50 employees from Tesla have joined Twitter.

Likewise, two of his employees from his tunneling firm and the Boring Company have already joined Twitter. As per the reports Tesla coders are now the charge of reviewing code at Twitter.

Paid Video Content

This change is yet to happen on Twitter. However, recent news suggests that Elon is planning to run paid video content on Twitter. This is the hottest trend in Social Media these days.

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Elon is considering adding a feature that would pay Twitter users for sharing their video content. Meanwhile, Twitter will take a certain revenue from the creator once his ID is monetized.

Account Reinstatement Plans

The latest Twitter CEO has announced that he has no changes regarding content policies and reinstatement of banned accounts until a newly announced content moderation council is convened.

Some of the famously banned accounts on Twitter include the account of people like Donald J. Trump. However, this decision is halted temporarily until further announcement.

 Increase in Hate-Speech

Since the takeover of Elon Musk, Twitter has seen a rapid rise in the use of hate speech. To be honest it is one of the few negative impacts seen after this deal.

As per the reports, the use of the N-word spiked by 500% on 28th October. This issue also should be addressed by Twitter as soon as possible.


As per the reports, Elon is planning to make Twitter a decentralized platform. This might be a huge step toward free speech as promised by Elon.

Users are speculating that they will have creative freedom after the decentralization. They will be given a platform where they can speak their mind care freely.

On the one hand, other social media such as Facebook, and Instagram has centralized control over everything and can suspend or delete user accounts.

However, Twitter is moving into a space where it is willing to give ownership of the content to its users itself.

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