Intel Meteor Lake 14th-Gen Processors | Launch | Specs and Price

Intel Meteor will become the first 7nm chip but cannot expect before mid-2023. There are many companies in the world competing with Intel to lead the processor chip world, but no one has been able to lead except Intel. In this high competition, Intel has also got challenges from its opponents to push itself away from the crowd by being unique and fast.

The CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger says Intel is being ready to launch and had been finished booting with windows, chrome, and Linux.

Source: Intel

To experience Meteor Lake, we still need to wait for around a year of time. But late this year, we will see the release of Intel’s next-gen 13th Gen Core “Rocket Lake” CPUs with the new flagship Core i9-13900K processor.

The chips will also represent the first generation of Intel chips that will feature a multi-chipset design, combining an application processor, a GPU, and connection chips into one advanced package referred to as “Intel Foveros.”

Intel Meteor Lake
Source: Intel

It is also said that Meteor Lake will come with double graphics execution units of Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, which means we will be expecting major changes in GPU improvements when the release of Meteor Lake takes place. We are also expecting low power consumption from 5w to 125-watt depending upon the usage.

Rumors of Intel Meteor Lake

As something new is coming from big companies there are always some rumors and leakage of information which can be good and bad at the same time, so for Intel, some rumors say that it is gonna be thinner in size on the ground.

CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the company has ‘rearchitected and simplified their 7nm process flow, increasing our use of EUV by more than 100%. EUV refers to ultraviolet lithography with an extremely short 13.5nm wavelength. Intel seems to have overcome previous issues with the technology

Intel Meteor Lake Price

Since the price of the chips is increasing from generation to generation, it is expected to increase when Meteor Lake releases. But for reference, we can assume the price seeing the price of Rocket Lake:

Core i9-11900K – USD$513-USD$539
Core i7-11700K – USD$374-$USD399
Core i5-11600K – USD$237-USD$262
Core i5-11400K – USD$157-USD$182


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