Into the Wild

Into the Wild (2007) – Movie, Reviews, Screenplay, Production & Summary

IMDB Rating : 

This is one of the best movies so far in the film industry and has an IMDB rating of 8.1, which means in every 10 people watching this movie 8 people like it.

Story and Screenplay

The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences. Into the wild is an adventurous movie where a young graduate Chris McCandless who is passionate about living his life on his own terms and exploring nature.

Chris McCandless who is twenty-three years old plans to solo travel towards the
greater adventure of Alaska with $24000 that he had as a college fund. During his journey, he notices various changes and connects to every pathless wood, lonely shore, and deep sea.

Every path he chooses, and everyone he meets on his journey toward freedom becomes part of his life. The movie is a reality-based story of Chris McCandless who is alive in nature.
Every plot of the story is genuinely touching and real.

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Cast and Acting

Emile Davenport Hirsch has played the role of Chris McCandless and made the character so lively. He has done a commendable job with his phenomenal acting skills.

He really made me connect with the guy that has a passion to live out there, enjoying nature, and escaping the crowd of luxurious life even his own parents and sister.

The supporting character Vince Vaughn, and Brian H. Dierker helps to put some extra meaning to the movie in different portions one after another.

Production and Design: 

The movie was produced by Paramount Vantage, River Road Entertainment , and Square One C.I.H with a movie length of 148 minutes.

Linson FilmDerek R. Hill was the production designer for the movie. Christopher struggles to live in the wild in Alaska and the narrators attempt to get him motivated to get to normal life.

The scenes were shot on location excerpts of some scenes.

Dialogues and Sound

All the dialogues are so correlated to life to the truth of human life. The entire
team has really made an amazing effort to film out the truth, and bitterness about the
reality lying inside the boundary of love, money, faith, fame, and fairness.

The depth of some of the lines in this movie is alike to the depth of oceans and seas. All those middle appearances of quotable screenplay add extra attention to ours.

Sean Peen had done a great job directing it.  If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is damaged.

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It is a masterpiece movie. Story of Chris Mc Candless aka Alexander Supertramp
based on the real-life story where Emile Hirsch has done an amazing job.

There are chapters in this movie that gives you the flavors of every stage of life. Chris starts his journey to Alaska meeting people and knowing the life relating to them sharing a special bond with them. As time passes the magic bus fulfilling the hunger of wild animals. Some days he also felt lonely and scared.

Due to the hunger, he was craving in those last days on the magic bus in Alaska choosing out inedible roots of wild potatoes lead to the choking and the death of the survivor in the wild.

It clarifies the choice that we get to choose regarding our life which is almost bounded by responsibilities and relationships. This movie has also given little insight into the family trauma which can cause children deprived of the love and affection they deserve.

Into the wild is one of the finest biopic/adventure films ever made. I recommend this movie if you love the freedom, the livelihood, the struggle, and the path that you choose besides the circumstances.

Fun Fact about Into the Wild

It is said that Chris lost 40 pounds of his weight while playing this movie.

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