iOS 16

What’s new there in iOS 16, an astonishing update?

Apple is going to release it brand new update of iOS16 soon. We have had heard alot about its iOS these days. What are the exciting features that are debut in the system and what makes iOS 16 so special to discuss. 

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What is iOS 16?

Well if you don’t know this, you wouldn’t be reading this article. But if you have already done it let me expalin to you in short. iOS 16th and upcoming major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone line of products. 

What are the major changes in iOS 16?

Apple says, iOS 16 enhances iPhone with all‑new personalisation features, deeper intelligence and seamless ways to communicate and share.

Here are the new features and enhancements:

  • Lock Screen: This is one the siganture change in the iOS 16, we can change clock font, font colors, wallpapers and add widgets and reposition photos.
  • Focus: We will be able to create new lockscreen related to the focus mode such as work, play and customization and widgets.
  • Messages: We can now be able to edit, undo and delete messgaes upto 15 minutes after sending, which will give us more flexibility to our conversation.
  • Passkeys: Passkeys replace passwords for making easier and safer sign in method. It will also make your device secure and imposssible to phished. The private key is also never kept on a web server to make it more secure.
  • Live Text:  Text can be used in live videso which can be completely interactive in paused videoframes so we can use different functions like copy and paste.
  • Siri: We will find much more advanced Siri in iOS 16 with more more intelligent AI, like sending messages, use of emojis, call hang up and expanded offline support.
  • Maps: Multiple stops along our driving route maps and planing a sute with multiple stops on Mac and syncs in our iphone.
  • Health: Track our medication list, track it, set reminders for each medication. 
  • Fitness: It will be easy ot trak your fitness goal even when we don’t have an Apple watch. 
  • Security: It uses Rapid Security Response to get important security improvements to our devices even faster, these improvements can be applied automatically  on software updates.
  • Family sharing: It allows parents to take control of their children devices much quicker and easier.
  • Apple Pay: It will do contactless payments with merchants using just iphones, no extra hardware will be needed and Apple pay split the payment on over six weeks without any charges and interests.

Further more, there are many more small changes that are taking place when you update to iOS 16 when it is available. Lets us know how do you feel about his updates in facebook or in the comment below. 







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