What is Programming in Lemmen Term?

Programming in Lemmen Term: What is Programming/Coding?

I, as a programmer, get a lot of queries that if I can fix their machine. In short, the answer is ‘NO.’

So today, I’m trying to briefly explain why I can’t fix your computer and what I do in my day-to-day programming job. Programming is a set of commands written in a machine-understandable language to solve any complex task which can be represented digitally.

Programming in Lemmen

Let’s describe programming or coding with the simple cooking process for easy understanding. 


In Cooking, you will gather all the required ingredients. Similarly, in programming, you will gather all the information/requirements to achieve the goal and declare that you will use it. 


As in Cooking, you will prepare by chopping and marinating the ingredients; similarly, in programming, you will collect data and manipulate them as per your use case. 


In Cooking, you might have to perform multiple functions. Cooking rice is one function, and cooking a curry is another. Similarly, you will write different parts for the tasks as a separation of concern in programming. 


Ensure you are not missing out on your preparation and that everything is going smoothly before moving into the next stage. 


It’s an ability to move things parallelly and not depending on each other functions explained at an earlier stage. 


Once we are done cooking, gotta clean up the kitchen, and the same thing to programming. After creating the program, you wanted gotta tidy up things and remove unwanted and unnecessary stuff from your program. 

Principals of Best Practice:

There can be different cooking techniques, but you have to choose the one that fits your style and tastes good with less stress. Similarly, in programming, there are fewer hassles and maintainable practices already defined by great programmers, which will benefit you in writing readable and manageable code.

This is what I do basically; COOK!  

Why You Should Learn Programming?

Recently, most of our world is automated nowadays, computer programming is essential. Humans must be able to govern the interaction between humans and robots.

We use computer programming to harness the processing power of computers and machines since they are so efficient and accurate.
Computer programming is a key ability for many applications, not simply software creation or cutting-edge artificial intelligence research.

It improves access to banks, smoothes supply lines, and produces those amazing online experiences we adore.

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Many companies are seeking employees with strong coding abilities, which has become a requirement for many jobs. From your bank app on your smartphone to YouTube, coding is present in every part of your life.

Even if you aren’t interested in technology, programming skills can help you land a career by developing 21st-century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.

Because most of us use programming in practically every aspect of our lives, a fundamental comprehension of its concepts will always be useful. These languages, algorithms, and models simplify our lives, yet they are not mysterious. Students can master this unseen world.

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