Nikon Z30

Camera for content creators – Mirrorless Nikon Z30

Nikon has launched its best camera for content creators, Nikon Z30, which is perfect for vloggers from every perspective according to Nikon.

Nikon Z30 is a mirrorless camera which is desingned by primarily focusing on content creators who like to shoot their videos on their own. Let’s see further to know what about the camera and find out by checking its features.

Nikon Z30 -Vlogging
Source: Nikon

What are the features of Nikon Z30?

The amazing thing is the camera has got 21 APS-C CMOS sensor with 4K video shoot  at up to 30p. It also can record upto  120fps (as slow-mo). It can last upto 2 hours in a single charge and continuous video shooting. It also has got fully articulating 3.0″, 1.04M dot touch screen, so you can take selfie videos and turn around the camera where-ever you want to.

What is good for Content Creators?

Nikon Z30 -Vlogging
Source: Nikon

All the content creators are in need of the camera which can do multiple functionality which includes

unlimited video recording

articulating screen,

no crop on 4K videos,

touch screen for easy usuage,

high resolution sensor,

high ISO,

external micorphone port,


remote control

front recording light

light body.

so, these are the expected features every content creators wanted in their camera. These all features are included in this little piece of device which can also record 120fps High Speed Video, which we can give smooth look while editing in backend.

Check out the cinematic video shot on Nikon z30.

The camera itself is compact travel friendly and is equipped with all the required accessories on.

To sum up,there are lots of vlogging cameras in the market but very few with ibis (in-body image stabilization), it’s a new technology which aims for the stable, shake-free video footage and sharp images when shooting handheld at longer shutter speed. Unfortunately Z30 doesn’t have it, but will be exciting to see these features on upcoming models.

This camera is available in different stores in Australia with the price around AU$1299 with the kit lens.

Comment us below about like and dislike about this camera. Thank you.

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