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Metaverse, logically is a type of  virtual game, where you can live your virtual life, where you can play, work, make friends, shop and other wide range of things which we do in our regualr life.

The user in metaverse can navigate using voice, controller and eyes moments. Basically, there are three things in metaverse right now which are popular.

  • VR Interface
  • Digital Ownership
  • Avatars

In metaverse, we can do number of activities such as interact with people and also interact with non living things such as objects, buildings, etc. only in virtaul world. It is basically playing game of life inside of a computer. We can also buy land and build the house, buy vehicles, buy objects etc.It is the combined mixture of augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain. Users can enjoy ultra-fast broadband speeds, the online world, and virtual reality handsets. People can work in a virtual office of metaverse after work and relax in the gaming section which is blockchain-based and they can manage their crypto finances and portfolio inside this application.

We can also buy and sell digital assests which we call NFTs in our world. What is NFTs and how does it work? We will discuss in a different chapter.

so, how do you enter the Meraverse?

Before this, we need to be clear that there is not one Metaverse like we living in one planet called earth. We have number of Metaverse that exist. It is like choosing different planets to live in. There are number of ways you can get in to the Metaverse.

There are already many Metaverse platforms online for you to get started. The most popular ones are The Sandbox and Decentraland. Then there are some others, like Axie Infinity, Ertha, Horizon Worlds and Star Atlas.

To sign up with these you need to have Open Sea account, which is free to make.

All of them have got different policies and requirements to join Metaverse platfom and each of them are different platfrom and have different experience.

Is Metaverse just a Game?

In simple, yes it is. Coz everything is virtual in here. But if we see in core, it is just more than a game. The tech leaders are trying to make it a real serious thing out of it. This idea of going beyond the physical world to perform daily activities embraces virtual spaces where you can play your favorite games with your virtual avatar. It is still too early to how success it gets as the time passes and upgrades they do. But right now  it has been quiet popular and tech giants has invested millions and billions of dollars on this. They believe that this is our future.

How do we make money from Metaverse?

There are numbers of ways to make money in Metaverse:

  • Play Games: It is most simplest way to gain some money while playing games. It gives opportunity to earn crypto rewards.
  • Virtual Shopping: Clothing for avatars can be sold and bought in Metaverse in the form of NFTs. Just imagine, there are billions people living in Metaverse and you sell clothing avatars for each individuals.
  • Creating Metaverse Events: This is much popular way of earning in Metaverse by creating events like live concerts, music events which might attract many people towards Metaverse. 
  • NFT Artists:  If you are creative you have very good chance to earn better money to get rich. The digital items are sold in groups of unique pieces that can number in the tens of thousands per collection — which means there’s a growing need for graphic designers and illustrators who can help create them. 
  • Metaverse Architecture and Designer:   If you can design 3D models of buildings and architecture you might have good change to grab hefty amount of money from Metaverse.
  • Open a Gallery:  The virtual art world is boosting for a while now. It is creating different space in NFTs world and some of them even get sold in millions of dollars. so, creating the Art Gallery can be a better option for you.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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