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Why are Hasselblad Cameras so Expensive? – Rumors and New launch

Hasselblad Cameras is the name that every photographer knows. But if we wanna buy this camera you all need is more than 30 thousand dollars, which even does not include the lens.

So, why people wanna pay so much for a camera? What is so special about this? and what makes Hasselblad camera so expensive?

To understand why people love the Hasselblad camera is that, it has incredible detail and clarity. But it’s not only this reason to be expensive. It has more than that.

Hasselblad Camera
Source: Hasselblad

Hasselblad has making cameras for 81 years now and has taken some of the most iconic photos of the 20th century. From the first moon landing to The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, and portraits of Marilyn Monroe. But the company has gained a reputation for having extremely expensive cameras. Hasselblad’s H6D-100c camera costs over $30,000. But its cameras weren’t always this expensive.

In 1948, the first consumer camera cost around $500 at that time. It is about $6000 for now. Its film cameras cost around $5000. 

The real price hike started when the company decided to go digital. In 2004, the Hasselblad camera sold for around $24k which is around a 200% increase in the price.

Hasselblad Camera-Side View
Source: Hasselblad

But the thing is other camera are also digital but still what make it unique? to make them this expensive.

It is because the Hasselblad sensors are unique and the way much larger in area. The individual pixel is bigger which provides less noise, wider dynamic range, and clarity in the photo. 

Larger sensors capture more detail and Hasselblad has the biggest available. The amazing this about the sensor is it is actually made by Sony, but Hasselblad has its own calibration process to achieve the colors and quality it wants.

There is one more reason to make Hasselblad camera unique. Like other brands and companies, Hasselblad does not mass-produce its cameras. They make them in small batches all of them assembled by hand and no one knows how many cameras Hasselblad makes in a year but some rumors say that it takes around 10,000 units a year, which is nothing compared to other cameras that produce more than millions of cameras each year. Hasselblad more sure each camera meets Hasselblad’s quality standard.

Hasselblad has specific and special staff that have been working with them for more than 30 years and they know how to do the specific thing, while nobody else does. They do have 210 staff working for them in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Its facility is more like a lab rather than an assembly line. Each component is tested and connected and assembled. Assemblers rely on both precise instruments and the sound it feels of each part to make sure it is working properly and correctly.

Hasselblad Camera-Screen
Source: Hasselblad

But now, consumers are different, and the pressure to meet those requirements is a challenge Hasselblad has taken the next step in releasing small sensors and cheaper cameras to keep standing in the competitive market. Hasselblad also claims that it is working on releasing cheap entry-level cameras  but for people who want uncompromised image quality, the expensive Hasselblad would be worth,

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