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Is Oral B iO 9 is the smartest brush? | Critiques | $2 vs $500

Oral B iO 9 has claimed to be one of the perfect brush with  best ever clean with revolutionary magnetic iO technology. 

Oral B has been occupying huge share in the market for its revolution on tooth brush technology. On the way to this, it has released one of the advanced iO 9 series brush which does perfect clean keeping your teeth health in its mind.

Oral-B iO Series 9 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Source: Oral B

The important thing to discuss here is, is the value worth its price. It costs you more than AU$500 which is very hefty price for a piece of brush. why is it so expensive and  how does it differenciate with AU$2 brush that is doing pretty good job for us since long time. Will buying this expensive brush worth for our teeth?

Lets find out.

  • It is designed with New iO™ technology that combines micro-vibrating bristles with Oral-B’s dentist-inspired round brush head for a fresh, clean mouthfeel and 100% healthier gums in one week.
  • Interactive Display signals important information – including personalized brushing modes, greetings, as you power up, and gives you a smile for a job well done.

    Just a question. Why do I need a greeting from a brush? I would rather prefer greeting from my loved ones in the morning.

  • 3D TEETH TRACKING  with A.I to monitor your brushing across the front, top and back surfaces of your teeth; guiding you to the most thorough possible clean.
  • 7 brushing modes.

    I prefer is up and down, in and out. thats all.

  • All we need to make sure is clean it twice a day, does not matter what type of brush you use.


so Guys, What do you think about this brush and is it worth buying, write it in the comment box and remember to brush twice daily. !important.

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