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Rolex watches are expensive and everyone knows that.  This Swiss brand is one of the hottest topics of all time for watch lovers. People are in love with its design which represents boldness, extravagance, and class.

Source: Rolex

But what is behind that magnificent design that makes Rolex so expensive and unaffordable for middle-class people?

There are numerous reasons to become Rolex is one of the biggest and most expensive brands of all time.

  • Scrupulously made

    It might sound unbelievable and surprising that each individual Rolex watch is made by hand by very very intelligent workers. All the company demand is the best, every single time. and also that it was set by one of the 20-plus specialists employed just to set gems.

  • Materials Used

    Rolex only uses 950 platinum or 18 karat gold. Its rose gold is a proprietary alloy known as Everose, while its ceramic is an extra-hard material called Cerachrom. These materials are impossible to scratch and discolored by UV as claimed by the company. It uses steel called Oyster steel which is used in the Aerospace industry and is resistant to corrosion.

Rolex Submariner
Source: Rolex
  • Research and Development

    The company spends a lot of money on the research and development department which is responsible, well-equipped, and highly professional facilities. All of this ensures the company can continuously come up with new manufacturing techniques and technologies to ensure it always stays one step ahead of the competition.

  • Rolex that will last forever:

If you are looking for something that will last forever Rolex can be your option.  Although, Rolex recommends each customer service their watch every 10 years. It is believed that it will last a lifetime in the majority of cases.

It was a Rolex that accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary on his quest to be the first person to scale Everest, and it was also a Rolex that was worn by Ed Viesturs when he climbed the mountain decades later. 

Class and Value: It is believed that buying Rolex is like buying assets because as time passes the value of the watch increases like gold. It also represents the class with the crown in its watch interface as a logo. 

Rolex Sir Edmund Hillary
Rolex of Sir Edmund Hillary

So, these are the reasons that make the Rolex world’s number one brand. Behind Rolex, there is a wonderful story of an Orphan Guy which we will present to our viewers later in the articles.

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