XPeng G9 robot taxi

China launches its first XPeng G9 Robot Taxi- Reviews

XPeng G9 robot taxi, manufactured by Chinese electric car company XPeng, is a battery-powered mid-sized luxury SUV. XPeng G9 robot taxi will have a real-world range of 702 km.

XPeng Company claims that the XPeng G9 robot taxi will have an unmistakable design, supercharging architecture, advanced driver assistance system, 5D multimedia experience, unparalleled performance and handling, best electrical and electronic architecture, and much more.

XPeng G9 robot taxi is designed to attract both Chinese and international markets. With its unmistakable design, XPeng G9 will have the perfect blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and materials, which makes a cabin that redefines luxury.

XPeng G9 robot taxi price
XPeng G9 robot taxi price range is 309,900 RMB – 469,900 RMB ( 65000 AUD – 98000 AUD )

The car contains X-BOT FACE 3.0 technology that gives headlights and taillights dynamic aesthetics. Furthermore, LIDAR sensors used in the vehicle that helps in autonomous driving are cleverly hidden inside the headlight housing.

The interior of the XPeng G9 is made for a warm and comfortable driving environment. The cabin is created with a wraparound design and high-quality finishing that gives a fantastic experience for the driver and passenger.

The backseat of the XPeng G9 robot taxi is designed to be incredibly comfortable. It consists of extended seat cushions as well as heating, ventilation, multi-direction control, and massage functions. To comply with the OEKO-TEX certification, the leather and PU leather of the seats have undergone stringent testing.

With its supercharging architecture, the company claims that the car will have a range of 200 km with 5 minutes of charging with the help of 800-volt architecture. On a single charge, XPeng G9 robot taxi will have a range of 702 km.

The car will have an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that uses NVIDIA computing. The ADAS is named XPILOT 4.0.  The vehicle contains dual NVIDIA Drive orin chips that will power every digital piece of equipment and its ADAS system using 31 sensors placed around the car. With this powerful computing function, the car will have trillion operations per second.

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The company has developed in-house research and development facility that optimizes G9’s visual sensing capabilities with the help of its software and hardware. The car’s interior contains a dual-screen display that uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chipset, ensuring a smooth user experience.

The XPeng G9 robot taxi contains voice assistance that can understand and respond to complex commands from anywhere inside the car without a network connection. The car also includes a high-tech 3D multimedia system that projects the real world into the car’s screen. Furthermore, XPeng X9 also has XOPERAwhich gives a remarkable 5D Multimedia Experience.

The company claims that the car will have unparalleled performance and handling. With a peak power output of 405 KW and peak torque of 717Nm, G9’s motor will help the car reach 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a dual-chamber air suspension system for great flexibility and comfort.


Here are some well-known car critics’ reviews of the XPeng G9 robot taxi.

The tasteful exterior look and its surprisingly high-quality interior are a cut above any previous XPeng model. – Wheelsboy

The XPeng G9 is one of the best EV models available in China, but the emphasis on many features of limited significance has instead overshadowed its core competencies – CnEVPost

As a highly intelligent new EV, it has the world’s best charging technology, more innovative software experience, and excellent expertise in semi-autonomous driving. It also didn’t disappoint us with details that traditional cars care about, such as reliable high performance and superior comfort, which makes us not miss the fuel car so much during the test drive. –Gizmochina

Further reviews of the car by international car critics will be updated as soon as the car is released in the global market.


Length4891 mm
Width1937 mm
Height1670 mm
Wheelbase2998 mm
Car Body5-door SUV
Electric motor typeAC induction/ asynchronous, Permanent magnet motor
Transmission1-speed direct-drive reduction
DrivetrainRear-Wheel Drive
Top Speed200 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100km/h3.9 secs
Driving Range702 km
Turning Circle11.8 m
Total System Power230kW
Total System Torque430 Nm
Number of EnginesDual Motor
Engine TypeFront ASM/ Rear PSM
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Nominal Capacity 98kWh
DC Charge rate480 kW
AC Charge rate11 kW
DC Charge time (%0-80)15 minutes
AC Charge time9 hours
Average Charge Consumption16 kWh/100km
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 8155
Safety Multiple LiDAR, 31 sensors, and Camera Modules


After the initial launch of XPeng G9 robot taxi in China on September 21, 2022, the company announced the two new versions of the cars at different prices. The company’s advanced XPILOT system will equip all the upcoming car versions. All new versions except G9 570 Plus will be equipped with a 5D Music Cockpit. Furthermore, only 570 Max, 702 Max, 650 Performance Pro and 650 Launch Edition will be equipped with XNGP system.

All new versions of the car are already available to buy in china. The price ranges from 309,900 RMB for the standard model to 469,900 RMB for the AWD 650X Launch Edition.

The car is set to be available in the international market in 2023.

There will undoubtedly be further updates on the car as the car’s demand is increasing, and the new updates about the car will be updated as soon as possible here.

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